SUU First Year Experience and Orientation
Freshman students around a chalk drawing of a shark with the caption, 'Freshmen are friends, not food'.

Steps to Join T-Bird Nation

1. Complete the T-Bird Takeoff Questionnaire (TTQ)

Fill out the TTQ.

Your Student Success Advisor (SSA) will not be able to register you without this.

2. Meet Your ACE

An upper class student here to help you answer all your questions. Consider them your peer-mentor.

3. Personalized Visit

Schedule a personalized visit to campus to take a tour, meet your SSA, and a number of other activities.

4. Checklist

Complete the new student checklist to feel prepared for SUU.

5. Online Orientation

Go to your mySUU Portal and complete the required online orientation.

6. Attend Thunder U

This three day event will induct you into SUU. This event is required for all incoming first year students.

Thunder U is on August 24. All day.