Registration for Global Early College Online

Once admitted to the University, a welcome email will be sent with information and instructions on the Next Steps in the process. The Next Steps include activating the GECO Canvas Shell* where you will go through a new student orientation that will walk you through, among other things, how to register for GECO classes.

*Please note, registering for courses listed in the GECO Canvas Shell is necessary to avoid being charged full tuition.

GECO Course Offerings

The course catalog has an array of General Education classes. Students will have access to the full list of current offerings upon admission to the program. As these can change from semester to semester, below is an sample of past courses in the catalog.

Course Name Course Number Credits
Introduction to Academic Writing ENGL 1010 3
Personal Finance FIN 2870 3
Human Development through the Lifespan FLHD 1500 3
American Civilization HIST 1700 3
Introduction to Humanities HU 1010 3
How the Earth Works GEO 1090 3
How the Earth Works Lab GEO 1095 1
Popular Music in America MUSC 1020 3
Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition NFS 1020 3
American National Government POLS 1100 3

English and Math Placement

Students who want to take English and Math courses must complete the required placement exams before registering for these classes. Your scores will determine what courses are appropriate for your level.

Find out more information about placement exams at:

ACT/SAT scores may be used in lieu of placement tests.


Global Early College Online (GECO)