Institutional Research & Assessment

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Committee

  • Bill Byrnes
    Chair, Provost's Office
  • Christian Reiner
    Provost's Office
  • Bonny Rayburn,
    Executive Assistant
  • Said Bahi
  • Tony Pellegrini
    Teacher Education
  • David McGuire
    Human Resources
  • Fredric Govendic
  • Bryce Christensen
    Language and Literature
  • Shelby Thurgood
    Student Representative
  • Richard Bugg
    Theatre Arts & Dance
  • Jennifer Burt
    University Relations
  • Staci Carson
    Institutional Advancement
  • Kim Craft
    Economics & Finance
  • Eric Freden
  • Artis Grady
    Agriculture & Nutrition Science
  • Mark Atkinson
    Continuing & Professional Studies
  • Kelly Stephens
    HSS Advisor
  • Jake Johnson

About the committee:

The institutional and assessment committee is comprised of the Associate Provost, a representative from Student Services, Administrative Services, Marketing and Public Relations, Advancement, one faculty member from each college or school, one member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, one academic dean, and a representative from student government.

In general, the committee performs a resource, "auditing" and verifying function. Specifically, the committee:

  • Maintains a university-wide inventory to determine the level of assessment activities vis-a-vis institutional effectiveness
  • Serves as a resource to the Provost and the President's Council for University strategic planning
  • Documents how effectively the units and programs of the University fulfill the mission statement and its associated objectives
  • Serves as a resource to deans and department chairs as they assess the University's institutional effectiveness and assessment program at their respective levels
  • Documents the degree to which units of the University are using assessment results to improve educational programs and administrative and support services
  • Coordinates and monitors with the Office of Institutional Research all institutional assessment activities and their uses
  • Encourages greater levels of awareness and communications among the University's units concerning institutional effectiveness and assessment
  • Prepares an annual report to the President's Council identifying strengths and weaknesses in the University's current assessment efforts and offering recommendations for improvement.

For more information on this committee, see Policy 13.29.