Institutional Research & Assessment

Factbook for 2013-2014

Welcome to SUU's Factbook for 2013-14.

Sections are posted as PDF documents, Adobe Reader is required to access the files.

I. General Information

  1. SUU Mission Statement
  2. SUU Profile
  3. General Officers of Administration
  4. Accreditation of Programs
  5. Peer Institutions
  6. Association Memberships
  7. Annual Crime Statistics 2010-2012
  8. Annual Hate Crime Statistics 2010-2012
  9. Arrests and Disciplinary actions
  10. SUU Presidents
  11. Organizational Charts

II. Utah Demographics and the Utah System of Higher Education

  1. Summary of Enrollments in Utah Public Education
  2. State of Utah High School Graduates
  3. USHE Budget Related Headcount Enrollments
  4. USHE Total Budget-Related & Self-Support Headcount Enrollment
  5. USHE Budget-Related FTE Enrollment
  6. USHE Total Budget-Related & Self Support FTE Enrollment
  7. Total Enrollment Headcount and FTE Summary
  8. USHE Faculty Salary & Compensation Comparisons

III. SUU & Its Students

  1. Average GPA and ACT Scores Entering Freshmen
    Averages of Academic Data for Entering Freshmen
    Averages of Academic Data for Transfer Students
  2. Undergraduate Grade Distribution
  3. Graduate Grade Distribution
  4. Combined Grade Distribution
  5. Students on Academic Probation
  6. New Freshmen Retention
  7. All Degree Seeking First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen Retention
  8. Number of Class Sections With Undergraduates Enrolled
  9. Distribution of Instruction Fall 2012
  10. Distribution of Instruction Fall 2013
  11. Distribution of Instruction Spring 2014

IV. Enrollment Statistics

  1. Fall Term Enrollment Statistics, Part A
  2. Fall Term Demographic Statistics, Part B
  3. Student Demographic Summary
  4. Summer Enrollment History
    Fall Enrollment History
  5. Annual Growth Rates, Fall Headcount & Fall FTE’s
  6. Relationship of FTE’s to Fall Headcount
  7. Headcount Enrollment, Budget Related and Self-Support
  8. Resident / Non-Resident Enrollment History
    End of Term - Annualized FTE - Resident / Non-Resident
  9. Headcount Enrollment by Class
  10. Headcount Enrollment by Gender
  11. Summary of New Transfer Students by Prior School Attended
  12. Summary of New Freshmen by Utah High School Attended
  13. High School Graduates (From Previous 12 Months) From Nine Southern Utah Counties, Going On To SUU
  14. Top Utah Feeder High Schools to SUU
    Utah Counties Providing Greatest % of New Freshmen Enrollment
  15. All Students By Class and Gender
  16. All Students By Age and Gender
  17. New Freshmen By Age and Gender
  18. All Students By County of Origin
  19. Entering Freshmen By County of Origin
  20. Map - Enrollment by Utah County
  21. All Students By State of Origin
  22. Entering Freshmen By State of Origin
  23. All Students By Country of Citizenship
  24. Entering Freshmen By Country of Citizenship
  25. All Students By Ethnic Background and Gender
  26. Total Headcount Enrollment By Major & CIP Code
  27. Enrollment Statistics - School of Continuing & Professional Studies

V. Instructional Productivity

  1. SUU Undergraduate SCH
    SUU Graduate SCH
  2. Student Credit Hours by College, Department, & Subject, Fall 2012- Spring 2013
  3. Student Credit Hours by College, Department, & Subject, Fall 2013- Spring 2014
  4. Academic Year SCH Produced

VI. Program & Degree Information

  1. SUU Programs Offered
  2. Completions by CIP Code & Major
  3. Degrees Conferred
  4. Total Degrees Conferred
  5. Summary of Honorary Degrees Conferred

VII. Library and Information Technology

  1. Library Statistical Comparison to Library Peers
  2. Information Technology

VIII. Student/Academic Support

  1. Financial-Aid Awards Summary
  2. 2013 Graduates with Bachelor Degrees
  3. 2013 Graduates with Masters Degrees

IX. Faculty and Staff

  1. Full-time Instructional Faculty Headcount by College & Department
  2. Analysis of Faculty Teaching Workload
  3. Average Full-Time Faculty Salaries by Rank
  4. Average Full-Time Faculty Salaries by Rank & Gender
    Full-Time Faculty by Age
  5. Characteristics of Full-Time Faculty and Staff By Age
    Characteristics of Full-Time Faculty & Staff By Length of SUU Service
  6. Characteristics of Full-Time Faculty By Rank and Gender

X. Finances

  1. State Tax Funds Expenditures Total, Higher Education & SUU
  2. Resident & Non-Resident Tuition & Fees by Academic Year
  3. Annual Tuition, Fees, Room & Board Charges
  4. Summary of Current Fund Operating Revenue
  5. Summary of Current Fund Operating Revenue Pie Chart
  6. Summary of Current Fund Operating Expenses
  7. Summary of Current Fund Operating Expenses Pie Chart
  8. USHE Cost Study Institutional Totals
  9. Combined Endowment and Quasi-Endowment Totals

XI. Facilities

  1. SUU Space Utilization
  2. SUU Building Inventory
  3. SUU Property Inventory

XII. Campus Map

  1. SUU Campus Map