Institutional Research & Assessment

Information Technology (IT) Survey - Spring 2010

ARCHIVE: This is an example of a survey administered in 2010 and is not an active form.

To assist the SUU Information Technology department in improving the technology services that are presently provided for students and introduce students to new technologies, your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. In order to help show our appreciation, upon completion of the survey, your name will be entered into a drawing for your choice of an iPad (2), or a Dell Inspiron Mini 1010 netbook (2). Four winners will be chosen and notified around April 1st .Your name for the drawing is entered separately, and in no way is linked to any written comments, or the results of your survey. Therefore, we request that you be honest and complete in your survey responses to provide us with the most helpful information as we plan for this important aspect to your educational experience.

As part of the survey, you will need to supply your student network username and password (the same username/password that you use to log into any of the lab computers). This allows us to verify that you are a current student, that you only complete the survey one time, and to submit your name for the drawing. When the survey is submitted this information will be removed from your survey response and is only used for the drawing.

It will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.

The survey is used by permission of EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research [ECAR].

4. In the past six months, how often do you do the following for school, work, or recreation?

Instant message

Text message

Download web-based music or videos

Use the college/university library web site

Spreadsheets (Excel, etc.)

Presentation software (Powerpoint, etc.)

Graphics software (Photoshop, Flash, etc.)

Audio-creation software (Audacity, GarageBand, etc.)

Video-creation software (MovieMaker, iMovie, etc.)

Social networking web sites (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Linkedin, etc.)

Online multi-user computer games (World of Warcraft, Everquest, poker, etc.)

Online virtual worlds (Second Life, Forterra, etc.)


Social bookmarking/tagging

Voice over internet Protocol (VOIP) from your computer (Skype, etc.)

5. How often do you contribute content to the following for school, work, or recreation?

Wikis (Wikipedia, course wiki, etc.)


Video websites (YouTube, etc.)

7. What is your level of skill for the following?

Using the college/university library website

Spreadsheets (Excel, etc.)

Presentation software (PowerPoint, etc.)

Graphics software (Photoshop, Flash etc.)

Computer maintenance (software updates, security, etc.)

Using the Internet to effectively and efficiently search for information

Evaluating the reliability and credibility of online sources of information

Understanding the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access to and use of digital information

8. Are you using the following for any of your courses this semester? Check all that you are using.

9. How many of your instructors:

Use information technology (IT) in courses

Use information technology (IT) effectively

Provide students with the adequate training they need to use the information technology required in the course

Have adequate information technology (IT) skills for carrying out course instruction

15. What is your opinion about the following statements?

I get more actively involved in courses that use information technology (IT).

The use of information technology (IT) in my courses improves my learning.

Information technology (IT) makes doing my course activities more convenient.

By the time I graduate, the information technology (IT) I have used in my courses will have adequately prepared me for the workplace.

My institution's information technology (IT) services are always available when I need them for my coursework.

I am more likely to skip classes when materials from course lectures are available online.

17. I like to learn through:

Text-based conversations over e-mail, IM, and text messaging.

Programs I can control, such as video games, simulations, etc.

Contributing to websites, blogs, wikis, etc.

Running Internet searches.

Creating or listening to podcasts or webcasts.

22. Which of these Internet activities do you do from your handheld device? Check all that apply.

25. Which of your institutions' IT services would you be most likely to use if they were available on your handheld Internet device? Check up to 3.

27. What keeps you from using the Internet, or using it more often, from a handheld device? Check up to 3

28. What is your opinion about the following statements?

While I am in class I regularly use my cell phone or handheld Internet device for course activities (texting, Internet access, etc.).

While I'm in class, I regularly use my cell phone or handheld Internet device for non-course activities (texting, Internet access, etc.)

Instructors should have the authority to forbid the use of cell phones and handheld Internet devices during class time.

In the next three years, I expect to do many things on a cell phone or handheld Internet device that I currently do on a laptop or desktop computer.

29. How do you use the mySUU portal? Check all that apply.

36. What are you majoring in? Check all that apply