The Office of the President

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Southern Utah University, as our founders envisioned, is a dynamic teaching and learning community inspired by its unique natural surroundings. As Utah's designated public liberal arts and sciences university, SUU engages students in a personalized and rigorous experiential education, empowering them to be productive citizens, socially responsible leaders, high achievers and lifelong learners.

Our Vision:

Southern Utah University will be nationally recognized as a premier institution of learning known for enabling its students to honor thought in all its finest forms, achieve excellence in their chosen field, and create positive change in the world. 

Our Core Themes:

Academic Excellence

With superior teaching and engaged learning as its foundation, academic excellence is the hallmark of Southern Utah University. Students are expected to meet the challenges of rigorous programs of study offered at SUU. SUU supports faculty and staff development designed to foster excellence and respond to the changing demands of higher education and the needs of its students. SUU actively engages its alumni and friends in supporting and strengthening the campus community and its global impact. Assessment of learning outcomes and continual institutional improvement are key elements of the educational experience at SUU.

Involvement and Personal Growth

Southern Utah University encourages student growth and development by providing curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities and programs designed to broaden social and cultural perspectives. Unique experiential education programs mentored by a dedicated faculty and staff promote both critical and creative thinking and scholarly activity in a supportive learning environment. SUU cultivates a campus community that encourages students to develop their breadth and depth as scholars and global citizens. The University affirms that active participation in well-designed experience-based programs provides a holistic educational experience and helps prepare students to become engaged members of society. SUU is committed to helping students become confident, creative, and adaptive life-long learners known for their service to the community and for support of their alma mater. Faculty and staff strive to be role models for life-long learning and civic engagement.

Community and Social Responsibility

Essential to the educational process is a sense of an academic community wherein collaboration, diversity, respect for all people, concern for the environment, civility, and shared governance are cultivated. Faculty, staff, and alumni model these values as they contribute to and serve as stewards of the community’s shared resources. SUU encourages the discussion and exploration of differing views while recognizing the cherished individual freedom to reach one’s own conclusions. Developing students into productive responsible citizens involves the thoughtful exploration and application of ethics and values and the acknowledgment of the responsibilities one has locally and globally.

Approved by Trustees 07/16/2011
Approved by Regents 08/18/2011
Revised Core Themes approved by Trustees 12/07/2012

In order to fulfill its mission, SUU will:

  • Emphasize excellence in learning designed to foster critical thinking, effective communication, lifelong intellectual curiosity, global awareness, personal responsibility and integrity
  • Offer educational experiences typical of private universities with the affordability of public higher education
  • Provide outstanding programs of study in the arts and sciences, pre-professional, professional and graduate studies
  • Contribute to state, regional, and community needs as a social, cultural and economic catalyst
  • Harness and integrate our unique geographic location in the SUU educational experience