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02/16/2015: SUU President Scott L Wyatt Address to The Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee
01/15/2015: When you have an SUU master key, the possibilities are endless, as seen by Southern Utah University President Scott Wyatt.
04/23/2014: SUU President Scott L Wyatt reflects on what he has learned in the first four months of his tenure
03/27/2014: President Scott Wyatt called SUU's faculty and staff together to share some of what he has learned so far and also to make some important announcements
02/24/2014: In the classroom, President Wyatt speaks to communication students about leadership and what traits a successful leader must have.
02/07/2014: President Wyatt presents to the Utah Legislature's Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee
01/22/2014: President Wyatt hosts the Michael O. Leavitt Center's weekly Pizza and Politics lecture, imparting some little known facts about our nation's history.
01/14/2014: President Wyatt hosts an open forum for faculty and staff on the second day of his tenure, inviting questions and comments and introducing himself to the campus
01/13/2014: During his first day on campus, broadcast students get to know President Scott L Wyatt in his first official press conference at SUU