Graduate Studies

Earn Graduate Credit as an Undergraduate

The Graduate Bridge program is designed for dedicated SUU undergraduate students, junior and above, to advance themselves by earning graduate credits. This is an ideal path for those who are looking ahead toward a graduate degree.

SUU undergraduate students may request to earn up to 12 graduate credits (depending on program, see chart) that may be applied toward a graduate degree. Once the graduate credits are earned, students may submit a "petition for credit" to the registration office, to also count the credits towards their undergraduate degree. Tuition is assessed at undergraduate tuition cost.


Program Credits Allowed
Arts Administration (MA) 6
Cyber Security and Information Assurance 6
Masters of Education* 12
Professional Communication** 6
Public Administration 12

*Masters of Educations credits can be earned in Special Education or English as a second language.

**Please read the Professional Communication Master's Requirements

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