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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

12-Graduate Credit Program (6-month program)

Southern Utah University (SUU) provides quality courses and programs available 100% online. SUU offers discounted tuition and payment plans for Nevada public educators. Prior to applying, prospective students are advised to confirm with their state office of licensure that the specific SUU credit will satisfy intended requirements. Enrolling with SUU Graduate & Online Admissions is simple and fast. Please call today to discuss your specific needs and find the most cost effective way to pay for your program.

An online Adobe Connect orientation webinar will be provided to orient you to the program. This includes a chat feature throughout to answer student questions. The orientation link will be emailed to you prior to your course start date.

Prospective Nevada Students

SUU creates teacher education programs to align with Nevada Administrative Code (NAC). Final licensure approval is required by Nevada’s Office of Licensure and students are recommended to contact them with questions. Phone: Las Vegas Office: 702-486-6458 or Carson City Office: 775-687-5980. Application information - Specific Nevada areas of endorsement

NOTE: If you are a Clark County School District (CCSD) public educator, you will earn 5 contact units (CU’s)/credit. So, for this GATE graduate credit program you will earn 60 CU’s.

Program Outline

Course Number Course Title Credits
GOSC 6400 Characteristics and Needs of GATE Pupils 3
GOSC 6401 Assessment of GATE Pupils & Programs for Such Pupils 3
GOSC 6402 Curriculum in Content Area for GATE Pupils 3
GOSC 6403 Methodology & Strategies for Teaching GATE Pupils 3

Course Descriptions

GOSC 6400 – Characteristics and Needs of GATE Pupils
This course provides educators with a content of historical timelines and trends in gifted education. Various characteristics and traits possessed by gifted individuals are highlighted. Addressed in this course are the social and emotional needs of gifted learners, as well as the construct of creativity and how that pertains to gifted populations.

GOSC 6401 – Assessment of GATE Pupils & Programs for Such Pupils
This course provides educators with a context and background in the assessment of gifted students. Assessment and testing issues are discussed, as well as specific measure used to identify gifted learners in schools. Participants design their own checklists, rubrics, and screeners to help identify giftedness, and to measure success in interventions. 

GOSC 6402 – Curriculum in Content Area for GATE Pupils
This course provides educators the background and skills to design curriculum appropriate for gifted students. Explained are the scope, sequence, and strategies to differentiate content for gifted students. Students develop lessons and/or units to help differentiate for gifted needs within the general classroom.

GOSC 6403 – Methodology & Strategies for Teaching GATE Pupils
This course provides educators with a background in the models, systems, and global practices used to serve the needs of gifted and talented learners. Course includes an examination of academic, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of gifted populations.

Payment Plans

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