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Welcome! Graduate education at Southern Utah University is excellent. Masters degrees and graduate certificates are a great way to enhance a career, to build into yourself something more. Many of our programs are online.

If you are not quite ready for graduate learning, we have a pathway that may help you get there, whether you already have a bachelors degree or not. Download our Pathway to Degrees flyer.

About Us:

The Graduate & Online School is an eclectic group of professional educators providing administrative and academic functions to the SUU community.

We are technologists, advisors, program developers, instructors and entrepreneurs, dedicated to adult learners seeking to enrich their lives with education.

Our mission:

To inspire and support learners seeking a high-quality, flexible graduate education.

Our vision:

The vision of the Graduate & Online School is to provide superior customer service and support SUU faculty and staff in developing enhanced online learning opportunities for students. GOS strives to build new offerings, grow programs, and create a valued educational experience for graduate students. We help our audience reach their full potential and achieve professional goals.

Our School is proud of its programs and accomplishments. Please have a look at our latest annual report.

Dr. Mark Atkinson
Dean, Graduate & Online School

Mark Atkinson, GOS Dean

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