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Master of Music in Music Technology (MMT)

Performance and Studio Technology

The Southern Utah University Master in Music Technology program - offered entirely online - is designed to provide students with a formidable skill-set for today’s musical landscape. With a choice between an emphasis in Performance Technology or Studio Technology, each student can select courses that best define their career aspirations and unique talents. The degree consists of 30-credits, all offered online, and includes regular interaction with students and instructors who are working music technology professionals.

Technology plays an unprecedented role in the continued distribution and creation of modern music. Musicians can record, produce, and upload their work from a computer; traditional markets are being completely redefined. Flexible pathways to success exist for artists, but variety does not necessarily equate with profitability. Professionals must adapt and increase their skill set in order to succeed. Since the start of the new millennium, perhaps no profession has undergone more changes than the music industry. Dramatic shifts have been seen in every aspect of the business, from talent development to production and post-production, to marketing and distribution. As the music industry continues to experience these changes, Southern Utah University remains at the forefront of innovation. 

Some points of distinction for the Master in Music Technology:

  • Taught by experienced music-technology professionals
  • Dynamic curriculum have a project- based emphasis
  • Designed to provide students with a pathway to future success
  • Multi-disciplinary approach, fashioned to make students consistently marketable in the music industry
  • Offered only Online.

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