Graduate & Online School

Graduate Ambassadors

Cedar City-based graduate students at SUU (face-to-face or local online students) in any program may apply to become a graduate ambassador for the Graduate & Online School. Depending on the number of credits carried and semester, a tuition waiver is awarded for either $1000 or $1500. Graduate Ambassadors work 10 hours a week, promoting the Graduate School by assisting prospective graduate students with applications and admissions to SUU graduate programs.
There are four opening each term: Fall, Spring and Summer.

Graduate ambassador responsibilities often include:

  • Classroom visits to undergraduate SUU courses
  • Recruitment at school and local community events
  • Outreach to prospective Masters programs students
  • Developing new points of contact to find interested prospective students
  • Assisting students with applications and registration
  • Completing common administrative tasks for Graduate and Online Admissions

Graduate ambassadors must be in good academic standing at all times (3.0 GPA minimum) and must be taking at least 6 credits to be considered. Ambassadors work on campus with office space in the Graduate and Online Admissions office. 10 hours a week is required, including team meetings.

Download Ambassador Application or complete application now: