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Getting Started with Online Courses

Welcome to SUU Online!

SUU Online offers a variety of online and hybrid courses at the general education, upper-division, and master’s degree levels. Online and hybrid delivery provides greater flexibility to you as you manage your work, home, and education.

Your course materials are housed in a highly effective learning management system called Canvas. Your professor has prepared the course content for an optimal learning experience. Once registered, you will be able to log into Canvas on the first day of the semester. All of your courses that utilize Canvas will be listed on your course menu. Through Canvas you will submit your assignments, receive feedback, communicate with your professor and classmates, take exams, and a variety of other learning activities.

Our online courses are usually identified with an “I” in the section number. For example, undergraduate courses would typically be 30I or 31I on up. Graduate courses would be 70I or 71I on up. Hybrid sections will be identified with a “Y” (30Y or 70Y, for example). Online sections are completely asynchronous, so you can do your work when your schedule allows. Hybrid courses typically have a few scheduled meeting times through the semester where the student attends using a webcam or perhaps attends at a facility with an interactive video conferencing setup. Your professor will inform you of what is expected. In all cases, established assignment and exam due dates are observed, just as in a campus section.

Online and hybrid courses can be found using the Class Schedule search engine.  Follow the instructions at the top of that page. The Session Attribute Type is either Hybrid/Blended or Online Course.

SUU’s online courses follow the same tuition and semester schedule as do the regular campus courses. We do add a $20 per credit technology fee to our online courses to help cover licensing and support costs. Non-resident students who are taking all their courses exclusively online pay regular in-state tuition/fees for online courses.

Logging in through the MySUU portal gives you access to your Canvas account and many other student resources. If you have any technical issues contact our or call (435) 865-8555 for support. We also have a link on the left for Technical Support that will be most helpful in finding support solutions online during your after hour needs. 

Here on our website we provide useful links for you under the Student Resources (on menu left). Please go through the Canvas Orientation as it will introduce you to Canvas and walk you through the most important parts in setting up your user settings a profile.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our online program.


Karl Stevens
Director of SUU Online
(435) 586-5481