Earn Graduate Credit as an Undergraduate

The Graduate Bridge program is currently undergoing a restructuring. At this time we will not be accepting Graduate Bridge applications past the end of the Spring 2022 semester.

Students accepted to the Graduate Bridge program are required to complete any bridge courses by the end of the Spring 2023 semester. Past the Spring 2023 semester, the university will no longer be offering Graduate Bridge courses.

Once Graduate Bridge courses have been completed, they can be counted toward graduation requirements for 10 years.

A new program is coming! Be on the lookout for updates in the future.

The Graduate Bridge program is designed for dedicated SUU undergraduate students, junior and above, to advance themselves by earning graduate credits. This is an ideal path for those who are looking ahead toward a graduate degree.

Tuition is assessed at undergraduate tuition cost.

Graduate Bridge Requirements

You must have earned at least 90 credits and a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA to be approved to the program. Participating students must also maintain the minimum graduate GPA criteria in order to participate each semester.

Because your success is of paramount importance to us, we want to be sure that you understand the expectations for graduate school as you begin this journey. Graduate classes are more rigorous than what you may have experienced as an undergrad; there will be much more reading, writing, and yes, even research. Please see SUU's online catalog for the passing grade requirement for your program.

We view our graduate students as participants in producing knowledge, not merely consumers of information. Graduate students are expected to engage fully in class discussions, attend classes, and/or actively contribute to online forums. We also expect our graduate students to be resourceful, self-motivated, and deadline-oriented.

  1. To register for graduate courses each semester, you must make an appointment with the graduate advisor.
  2. Registration dates apply to both your undergraduate and graduate courses and the credits allowed can be spread across multiple semesters including summer.
  3. You must maintain a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA in order to participate in the Senior Benefit Program.
  4. A total maximum of 18 credits is allowed per semester while participating in Senior Benefit courses.
  5. Courses will not be cross-posted within the graduate program you apply to.

To take advantage of your hard-earned graduate credits, be sure to submit an SUU graduate application and supporting documents. Please note: Participation in Senior Benefit does not mean that you are automatically admitted into a graduate program. You must meet the standards and qualifications for the program you have applied to.

This program is a one-shot opportunity, so take your studies seriously and make your graduate coursework a top priority. The maximum credit hours, listed below, vary for each program. You may access a full list of approved Bridge Program courses.

Participating Programs

Program Advisor Credits Allowed
Arts Administration (MA-AA) onlineoutreach@suu.edu  12
Business Administration - Business Majors mirandagubler1@suu.edu 9
Business Administration - Non-Business Majors mirandagubler1@suu.edu 6
Business Analytics*  mirandagubler1@suu.edu  12
Cyber Security and Information Assurance csiainfo@suu.edu  6
Education**  tamaralovell@suu.edu  12
Interdisciplinary Studies onlineoutreach@suu.edu  9
Library Media*** onlineoutreach@suu.edu 7
Music Technology onlineoutreach@suu.edu  9
Professional Communication**** onlineoutreach@suu.edu  12
Public Administration onlineoutreach@suu.edu  12

*Business Analytics prerequisite requirements are: ACCT 2020, ECON 2500, MATH 1040, FIN 3250, ECON 2010

**Masters of Education credits can be earned in Special Education or Educational Foundations and Policy. 

***Library Media Bridge Credits can also apply to the Master of Education and Master of Interdisciplinary Studies.

****Please read the Professional Communication Master's Requirements

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