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Cross the Educational Gap

The Graduate Bridge program is excellently designed to help upperclassman gain a taste of the graduate world while at the undergraduate cost. Students may request to earn up to 12 graduate credits (depending on program) that may be applied to a graduate degree. Once these credits are earned by the student, they may submit a "petition for credit" to use these graduate credits towards undergraduate graduation.

This is the ideal path for a student strongly considering graduate school. It has been developed for those who are looking ahead toward a graduate degree in the last year of their undergraduate education. This innovative program allows students to take graduate-level courses before graduation with a Bachelor's Degree.

The Bridge Program offers:

  • Credit-transfer options
  • Classes available on campus or online
  • Added flexibility to undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Undergraduate tuition for graduate classes
  • Possible to receive full FAFSA scholarship
  • Students save up to $4000

And lots more.

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