Commencement AwardsCommencement Awards

Each year at commencement, the University honors faculty and staff for their teaching, scholarship, service, and commitment to students. All faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate their colleagues for this recognition. Nominations typically open at the beginning of spring semester each year. Please click on the following links to learn more about the awards and submit a nomination.

Faculty Awards

This award recognizes an individual, full-time faculty who demonstrates outstanding teaching effectiveness; scholarly activity; peer respect from fellow colleagues; sincere interest in students; and professional commitment and service to others and the University overall.

Nominate an Outstanding Educator

This award recognizes three (3) individual, full-time faculty for distinguished teaching effectiveness; professional commitment; demonstrated interest in students; and service to others and the University overall.

Nominate Distinguished Educator

These awards recognize three faculty members for distinguished academic achievement in scholarship, which is defined by scholarly and/or creative work that has been peer-reviewed and judged to be superior.

Nominate Scholarly/Creative Activity

This award celebrates outstanding individuals or groups that, engaging with other stakeholders and partners on campus, are working to increase and sustain diversity, inclusion, and equity at SUU.

Nominate Outstanding Educator for Diversity & Inclusion

This award is to recognize an individual, full-time faculty for demonstration of distinguished service to the University and the greater community; a pattern of quality service; a variety of service efforts; efforts having increased the quality of some aspect of the University's mission; and a genuine interest in serving students, colleagues, and the University.

Nominate Distinguished Service

This award recognizes one full-time faculty member for actively promoting cultural and global understanding; fostering empathy among people with different life experiences; and creating opportunities for students’ personal, academic, and professional enrichment in international contexts. The committee welcomes nominations from all SUU faculty, staff, and students. 

Nominate Distinguished Faculty for Global Engagement

This individual supports the DEI Strategic Plan by creating and/or implementing curricula and research that address the contributions and impact of diverse voices and perspectives that are often overlooked in dominate culture focused classrooms, (particularly underrepresented marginalized groups, women, disabled persons, and LGBTQ+).

Nominate Distinguished Faculty for Diversity and Inclusion

Staff Awards

This award recognizes and honors two outstanding staff employees. These awards recognize the recipients' career in university service and their dedication to the institution.

Nominate Outstanding Staff

This individual supports the DEI Strategic Plan by engaging in meaningful and intentional programs and/or services that address and bring awareness to diversity, equity and inclusion issues in higher education which help to improve campus climate (what it "feels" like to live and work on our campus).

Nominate Distinguished Staff for Diversity & Inclusion

Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes two staff members for their many contributions they make to SUU’s campus and the professional community they are involved with. The award goes to one classified staff member and one professional staff member.

Nominate Distinguished Service

Board of Trustees Awards

This award is intended to formally recognize the outstanding achievements of faculty and staff at SUU with a particular emphasis in teaching, scholarship, administration, innovation, and public service. This is considered the highest honor given to one faculty member and one staff member by the SUU Board of Trustees.

Nominate a Faculty or Staff