To get started planning your upcoming meeting, take some time to consider the following details of your event. When you are ready to schedule your event, give our conference coordinators a call at 435-865-8100 or email us at

Step 1: Browse Venue Options

The following buildings house the best spots on campus to host a meeting:

Hunter Conference Center

Mountain Center

Sheepherder's Cabin

Step 2: Scan Setup Options

Setup options are attached to each individual room. Please refer back to the rooms for available setups.

Step 3: Determine Audio Visual Needs

Extra equipment is often required at events. Look through the different Audio Visual Equipment our office offers to help make your event successful.

Step 4: View the Catering Guide for Meal Suggestions

Don't overlook the food served at an event, drinks and snacks are always welcomed at reunions. Check out the Catering Guide for ideas and inspiration.

Step 5: Find Accommodations

SUU offers great accommodations for families to spend the night.

Step 6: Review Guest Services Policies

Step 7: Schedule Event Online or Over the Phone

Request Space Form

  • If you are a representative for an SUU student group, please use T-Bird Connection.