To get started planning your upcoming meeting, take some time to consider the following details of your event. When you are ready to schedule your event, give our conference coordinators a call at 435-865-8100 or send an email to

Step 1: Browse Venue Options

The following buildings house the best spots on campus to host a meeting:

Step 2: Scan Setup Options

Setup options are attached to each individual room. Please refer back to the rooms for available setups. Changes can be made as necessary.

Step 3: Determine Audio Visual Needs

Extra equipment is often required at events. Look through the different audio visual equipment our office offers to help make your event successful.

Step 4: View the Catering Guide for Meal Suggestions

We work to make your event taste as well as they are planned. Catering options are limitless for your wedding.

Step 5: Review Guest Services Policies

Step 6: Schedule Event Online or Over the Phone

Request Space Form

  • Phone: 435-865-8100
  • If you are a representative for an SUU student group, please use T-Bird Connection