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Marital or Cohabitation RapeAbuse

Marital or Spousal Rape Definition – any forced or coerced sexual intercourse within a marriage

Cohabitant Rape – any forced or coerced sexual intercourse within a live-in-relationship 

Researcher who have worked with abusive partners have concluded that the individual rapes their significant other to express anger, reinforce power, dominance, and control over their partners and families.

Force-Only Rape - Partners use only the amount of force necessary to coerce their partners. Battering may not be characteristic of these relationships.

Battering Rape - Partners rape and batter their partners. The battering may happen concurrently, before or after the sexual assault.

Obsessive Rape - Partners use torture or perverse sexual acts against their partners. They are willing to use force to carry these activities out.


Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN)

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