ATOD Programs for Sanctioned Students

The Alcohol and Other Drug Program available at Southern Utah University is an educational program for students who are required to take a course for a court or legal requirement*, or if referred by campus faculty/staff. This course is an affordable, relevant and effective way to meet requirements.

Contact Counseling & Psychological Services (435-865-8621) to schedule an alcohol or drug assessment. Court, Lawyer, or otherwise ordered assessment carry a fee of $65 to the student. For information regarding these fees, please contact the number listed above.

The student is responsible for registering themselves for the University 1020 course, which is ONLY available for SUU registered students.

University 1020: R.E.A.L. Peer-to-Peer Training: This is a 2 credit course that is offered during both fall and spring semesters at Southern Utah University. The course is designed around the Peer Health Education Program on campus. Students are educated with the respect to making healthy choices in risky situations. They will accurately perceive campus environment, increase their skills level so that they may assist in programs and presentations to enhance the wellness of the individual, campus, and community. The course provides up-to-date research and information on health related topics, and provides a base level of awareness. Students must receive a passing grade in order to successfully complete the program.

*It is the responsibility of the student to confirm with the judge, DMV, probation officer, or attorney as to whether our Alcohol and Drug program will meet the requirements.

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