SUU Honors Program

Honor Living/Learning Community Scholarship

  • The Honors LLC Scholarship is the only scholarship awarded by the Honors Program. This scholarship is available to qualifying freshman that have been invited by the Honors Program to live in Honors Hall, the on-campus living facility reserved for honors students.
  • A limited number of scholarships are available; students must follow application guidelines and policies in order to be considered for the scholarship.
  • After being accepted into the Honors Program, qualifying students will be invited to apply for the Honors Living/Learning Scholarship. Scholarship details are as follow:
    - Fall and Spring Semester- one academic year
    - $800 dispersed equally over each semester
    - Shared/Single room in Honors Hall (Eccles A)
    - Cannot be transferred or deferred
  • Scholarship recipients agree to:
    - Enroll in at least 12 credit hours each semester.
    - Complete one honors course or Honors Contract each semester
    - Participate in eight approved activities through the honors Get A Life! program.
    - Participate in ten hours of service, experienced-based learning each semester, approved by the Honors Office.
  • Enroll in HONR 1040 during fall semester.

Learn about additional scholarship opportunities through SUU Financial Aid

Honors Program Student Grants

The Honors Program offers a limited number of small in-house grants in support of select campus and Honors activities.

Undergraduate Research Grants

Funding is available to assist honors students in academic or creative projects. These projects are usually pursued under the direction of a faculty mentor and honors grants are meant to leverage additional funding from other grant programs and agencies.

Travel to Conferences

The program is anxious to support honors students who have excelled in their academic or creative pursuits. When students have papers/presentations accepted for dissemination at a peer-reviewed conference or other venue they can apply for funding to defray part of the expense including travel, lodging and registration fees.

Partners in the Parks Grants

The SUU Honors Program sponsors a nation-wide outdoor experiential learning program in cooperation with the National Park Service and the national Collegiate Honors Council. SUU honors students can apply for a limited number of stipends to cover registration costs to participate in this amazing program.