Department of Communication

Bachelor Degree: Advertising Emphasis

Advertising provides students with a perspective of the modern advertising world and advertising's impact and influence by exploring its historical foundations, and evolution to today's current trends.

Students are introduced to the effects of advertising messages on society and the language of advertising mediums used to communicate those messages. Students will also learn about government agencies that regulate advertising, ethical and moral issues confronting advertising creators and consumers; and the critical thinking and evaluation processes.

There is also an advertising club on campus for students to join. The Centurium Consulting Group performs work for other entities on campus and the community with hands on applications.

Required Core Classes

All majors must complete COMM 1010 in the Humanities area of General Education. In addition, all majors must complete two major core classes:

COMM 3020 Communication Research
COMM 4050 Mass Media Theory and Effects

Advertising Sequence

(21-24 hours) 

In addition to the required core classes, Advertising students must complete specific classes in the advertising sequence

Course ID Title Credits
COMM 1610 News Writing 3
COMM 2300 Introduction to Public Relations 3
COMM 2080 Introduction to Advertising 3
COMM 3070 Communication Graphics 3
COMM 3080 Advertising Copywriting and Layout 3
COMM 3501 Practicum-PR-Ad Lab (1-3) 3
COMM 4010 Persuasion 3
COMM 4280 Advertising Strategies 3


Graduation worksheets are provided as PDF files for several different catalog years. The free Adobe Reader program is required to access them. If you would like a worksheet in a different format, please contact us.

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