Department of Communication

Bachelor Degree: Communication Studies Emphasis

The curriculum consists of a careful blend of classroom courses in theory, methods, histories, and laboratory experiences in the various emphases in hands-on applications of these principles. The intent is to produce a well rounded graduate who is conversant with the material in the communication fields and who can also proficiently apply that material. Through general education offerings at SUU in the communication core, and the humanities and social and behavior science knowledge areas, students learn strong presentational skills and obtain background in communication principles and practices.

Required Core Classes

All majors must complete COMM 1010 in the Humanities area of General Education. In addition, all majors must complete two major core classes:

COMM 3020 Communication Research
COMM 4050 Mass Media Theory and Effects


In addition to the required 21 core credits, 19 department elective credits are required to complete the 40 required credit hours for the major.

Course ID Title Credits
COMM 1310 Critical Thinking and Listening 3
COMM 2110 Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM 2120 Team Work, Decision Making, and Leadership 3
COMM 3810 Advanced Public Speaking 3
COMM 4010 Persuasion 3
COMM 4350 Communication Theory 3


Graduation worksheets are provided as PDF files for several different catalog years. The free Adobe Reader program is required to access them. If you would like a worksheet in a different format, please contact us.

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