Master of Arts in Professional Communication Overview

The Master of Arts in Professional Communication is an applied, professional degree. The degree is designed to focus on advanced applied research skills required for effectiveness in the communication industry. Survey findings and discussions with industry representatives indicate that for most enrollees this degree will be a terminal preparation for industry success. The program is available to candidates from, though not limited to, industrial settings where companies need research capabilities for advertising and public relations campaigns, internal organizational analysis, human resource development, and media production. It is anticipated that some students will also pursue a Ph.D. following the completion of the master's degree.

The prospective master's student must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. The degree need not be in communication. For specific admission requirements, please refer to the department admission requirements or the university graduate admissions page. Current students may wish to visit Forms and Resources.

The degree requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate coursework, an applied research-tool competency, and culminates in a graduate project, internship or thesis. Students complete 30 hours of course work, followed by 6 credit hours for either the thesis, a project or internship. Refer to the courses for specific requirements.

The Department of Communication at Southern Utah University has a successful history in not only producing quality graduates but in also sustaining consistent enrollment and program growth. In 1997 the department had just over 200 undergraduate majors. Now it averages just under 300 majors. In the same time period the number of graduates has more than doubled, from 44 in 1997 to 96 graduates in 2004.