Department of English

Department of English Committees

Leave, Rank, and Tenure Committee

  • Dr. Bryce Christensen, Chair
  • Dr. Wynn Summers
  • Dr. Danielle Dubrasky

Scholarship Committee

  • Dr. Nozomi Irei (Literature Program Representative), Chair
  • Dr. Lisa Arter (Teaching Program Representative)
  • Vacant (Creative Writing Program Representative)
  • Charla Strosser (Lecturer Representative)

Department Curriculum Committee

  • Dr. Jessica Tvordi, Chair

Literature Sub-Committee

    • Dr. James Aton, Chair
    • Dr. Kyle Bishop
    • Dr. Bryce Christensen
    • Dr. Nozomi Irei
    • Dr. Jessica Tvordi

Education Sub-Committee

    • Dr. Lisa Arter, Chair
    • Eric Morrow
    • Dr. Julie Simon
    • Toanui Tawa

Creative Writing Sub-Committee

    • Dr. Wynne Summers, Chair
    • Dr. Danielle Dubrasky
    • Dr. Darrell Spencer
    • Chelsea Campbell

Writing Program Subcommittee

    • Dr. Julia Combs, Chair
    • Jodi Corser
    • Charla Strosser
    • Joy Sterrantino
    • Nathan Price (ESL Liaison)
    • Jennifer Sorensen