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ENGL 0990: Introduction to Academic Writing Workshop

Instruction and tutorial oversight/assistance in critical reading, writing, and editing to support students with an English ACT below 17 who are concurrently enrolled in ENGL 1010. Course will be capped at 25 students.

ENGL 0990 provides students with a supplemental workshop to improve their college-level writing, and critical reading and thinking skills. This course is required of students with an ACT English sub-score lower than 17 as a co-requisite to English 0990. This class is also recommended for ESL and nontraditional students as well as for all students who would like extra support in English 0990. The credit hours for English 0990 do not count toward either the 36-37 semester hours for a general associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or the 20-21 semester hours required for an applied associate degree.

A test-out option is available for students required to take ENGL 0990, but feel that their skills surpass the ENGL 0990 level. The test-out requires students to read a short essay, critically analyze the information presented, and then synthesize a well-written and constructed personal response. Essays will be independently evaluated to determine if the ENGL 0990 requirement can be waived.

By the end of ENGL 0990, students should

  • understand the purposes and satisfactions of academic writing.
  • develop critical reading techniques.>
  • apply effective pre-writing strategies in the development of promising rough drafts.
  • recognize writing as a series of recursive processes leading to a complete, well-developed essay.
  • edit their own writing with an eye toward well-developed paragraphs using concrete ideas and clear purpose statements, clear sentences, accurate word choice, and proper grammar, punctuation and mechanics.
  • read and respond appropriately and thoughtfully to their peers’ writing by learning what writing workshops are, how they work, and why they are an important part of the writing process.
  • understand MLA basics, including MLA document formatting, a works cited page, and in-text citations/parenthetical notes.

In order for students to complete ENGL 0990 with a passing grade, they must

  • participate in two face-to-face tutoring sessions with writing assistants from in the SUU English Department Writing Center before the last month of the semester.
  • workshop three papers during the in-class, peer review workshops.
  • attend during scheduled class times with no more than four unexcused absences.

In ENGL 0990, instructors and tutors will

  • facilitate and regulate workshop groups to create an environment in which students will share their work and receive direction about possible revision strategies.
  • Give direct instruction as the need arises on questions of essay organization, grammar, and documentation.
  • present lectures and activities that seek to give direct instruction on concepts that are treated as assumed knowledge in English 0990 or that English 0990 find especially challenging.
  • maintain standards of professional conduct appropriate for a college classroom.
  • respect the confidentiality of students’ personal and academic lives.

Tutors for ENGL 0990 will be hired based on the following criteria:

  • Declared English major or minor.
  • Completion of English 1010 and 2010 with the minimum grade of an A-.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and 3.5 in English classes.
  • An interest in tutoring and teaching that must be consistently reinforced by the tutor’s actions and attitudes after being hired.