Department of English

English: Literature Emphasis Minor

Minor Requirements - 2012-present

Core Required Classes (6 credits)
ENGL 2400 Introduction to Literary Studies 3
ENGL 2600 Introduction to Critical Literature and Theory 3
Electives (15 credits)
Any 3 upper-division English Department courses 9
Any 2 4000-level English Department courses 6

Minor Requirements - prior to 2012

Core Required Classes
ENGL 2200
ENGL 2240
Introduction to Literature and Culture

Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 2600 Introduction to Critical Methods 3
The remaining 15 upper division hours (including at least 6 hours from 4000 level courses) should be worked out between the student and the English advisor.

Minimum Total Credits: 21

Comment: No course for which a grade lower than a C- is received may be counted for any major or minor emphasis in the department