Department of English

English Teaching Program

Mission Statement

The academic mission of the SUU English Department's program in teaching is to prepare students for a career in secondary education. The department pursues these objectives through a comprehensive program of classes in literature, language arts, critical theory, and pedagogy. Instructors provide students with the pedagogical models and methodologies for a career in education related fields.

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the graduation requirements for the BA degree in English: Secondary Education will be able to

  • identify, describe, and compare the literary features of a variety of genres across different historical periods and cultures;
  • create lesson plans specific to the study of literary analysis, writing, and language arts;
  • apply and assess a range of pedagogical theories appropriate to various secondary-education settings and experiential learning opportunities;
  • apply teaching practices, tutoring strategies, and classroom management skills in the context of national common core requirements of secondary education; and
  • present a diverse approach to literature and language arts in the classroom and broader community.