Fall 2019 Creative Writing/Teaching Conference

“Ecopoetry and the Essay” September 19-20

In partnership with the Utah Humanities Council Book Festival and the Art of Literature

The “Ecopoetry and the Essay” conference is comprised of Creative Writing Workshops on Thursday and an Education/Creative Writing Workshop on Friday. You can take the conference for Graduate Credit as a Continuing Education class.

2 Credits (EDPD 5535-499 | CRN 33244) -- Friday only
3 Credits (EDPD 5535-498 | CRN 33243) -- Thursday and Friday

Syllabus and Instructions for Teachers

Because of a generous grant from the Utah Poet Laureate's Academy of American Poets Fellowship, we are able to offer free registration to the first 15 applicants regardless of which day or days you attend. This grant does not apply to Credit Registration.

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