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Critical Issues in Justice and Politics

Critical Issues in Justice and Politics is a refereed (peer-reviewed) journal which contributes to the theoretical and applied nature of justice and politics. As a scholarly journal, all articles undergo an extensive review process for both content and format. Our emphasis is on the exchange of qualified material in order to generate discussion and extend the often limited boundaries of scholarly exchange.

Critical Issues in Justice and Politics is sponsored by the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice at Southern Utah University. The editorial board is comprised of faculty from the department as well as select faculty and practitioners from around the United States.

Published once a year (May) Critical Issues in Justice and Politics focuses on emerging and continuing issues related to the nature of justice, politics, and policy. A special emphasis is given to topics such as policy, procedures and practices, implementation of theory, and those topics of interest to the scholar and practitioner alike.

Nature of Electronic Publication

Critical Issues in Justice and Politics is considered a serials publication under definitions by the Library of Congress and the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) system. The ISSN number, along with identifying information for the serial publication, appears on all copies of the journal. The journal may be obtained online or through many of the traditional research databases in academia.

Because we publish online we provide a wider audience than most small, scholarly journals. The cost of other journals can be restrictive for most faculty, but with our electronic format we provide a larger audience with increased opportunity for those who wish to publish.

By publishing online and in electronic format we can keep the cost of publication low. Our editorial staff, peer-reviewers, and contributors are unpaid. This means that we can keep our subscription price to zero, so long as readers receive the electronic format. A limited print run is available for a low subscription or single issue rate.

Subscriptions are distributed via email and online access. To subscribe, please contact the editors. Authors receive a single notice of publication and are encouraged to register for a long term online subscription.

We are an electronic journal which is published using the Portable Document Format (PDF).