Prelaw and Legal Scholars Program

Intramural Mock Trial Competition

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    2011-12 Mock Trial Winners

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    2012-13 Mock Trial Winners

Intramural Mock Trial and Moot Court competitions are great activities for students interested in a future career in law, those with theatrical and communications interested, or anyone who likes to be part of challenging and fun events. These competitions are held on campus and are open to all students.

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial competition involves students who role-play as attorneys and witnesses in a hypothetical court action. It takes place in a courtroom setting before a judge and mirrors an actual trial. Students involved in the Mock Trial are given a prepared case scenario and set of court procedures and assume the roles of the attorneys and witnesses. They present testimony, argue their client’s position, and testify as to the facts of the case similar to what occurs in an actual trial.

Awards and Recognition

Participants are recognized for their work through the presentation of awards for winning teams and certificates of recognition for the top student-attorneys and student-witnesses.

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A link to the application for students interested in one or both of these competitions is linked below. After completion, submit to Christine Taylor, Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice, Room 406, General Classroom Building.

For more information, contact: Christine Taylor, Director of Undergraduate Legal Studies, 435-865-8365,, or Political Science Professor Randy Allen, 435-586-7949,