Prelaw and Legal Scholars Program

Pre-Law Preparation

Undergraduate Legal Studies is committed to assisting SUU students in preparing for law school, helping students understand the benefits of legal training, and providing undergraduate experiences that will promote student success. Undergraduate Legal Studies offers advising, events, LSAT preparation, service opportunities, civic engagement, mock trial competition, and many more services to achieve this purpose.

In addition, students seeking a future career in law may be interested in taking law-related courses within the Paralegal Studies Program at SUU. The Paralegal Studies Program may be completed online. Such classes are required with regard to the AAS Degree in Paralegal Studies and may be part of a Legal Studies minor within degree programs of the Political Science/Criminal Justice Department. They may also be considered "electives" within other degree programs. A student should, thus, check with the department under which his/her major is offered to determine if Paralegal Studies classes may be taken per his/her degree requirements.

Paralegal Studies courses include the following:

  • PLGL 1100 Introduction to Law
  • PLGL 1200 Legal Ethics for Paralegals
  • PLGL 1400 Legal Interview, Investigation, Case Prep
  • PLGL 1500 Family Law
  • PLGL 1900 Civil Procedure
  • PLGL 2000 Legal Research & Writing
  • PLGL 2100 Estate Planning & Probate Law
  • PLGL 2400 Real Estate & Property Law
  • PLGL 2600 Business & Corporate Law
  • PLGL 2700 Bankruptcy Law for Paralegals
  • PLGL 2800 Law Office Management.