Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice

Study Abroad Summer 2015 - London & Paris (Criminal Justice)

Location: London, England & Paris, France

Dates: May 9 - May 23, 2015

Price: $3,190 - $3,830 (depending on the number of students who enroll)

Price Includes: Tuition & fees, international health and travel insurace, lodging, program-related activities and excursions, and tranportation between excursions.

Price Does NOT include: Airfare, travel to and from airports, meals, passport, personal expenses.

Minimum Enrollment: 12

Courses (3-6 credits) CJ 4500, CJ 4830

Application & Deposit Deadline: January 15, 2015

Final Payment Deadline: March 16, 2015

Program Directors:
David Admire,
Daniel Swanson,

Study Abroad in Northern Europe (Master of Public Administration)

May 4th-May 17th, 2015


Trip Highlights Include*

-Learn more about one of Europe's newest governments while visiting the U.S. Embassy, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Start-up Incubator, and Tallinn University of Technology. Take a day trip to Helsinki, Finland as part of the visit!
Denmark -Explore one of Europe's oldest cities and visit the U.S. Embassy to learn about diplomatic relations between Denmark and the U.S. See world famous Museums and Historical Sites. Find out why the Danish are considered some of the happiest people on earth!
England -Visit historic Parliament, Oxford and Greenwich universities, the London City Offices, and a variety of world famous sites & wonders! Take in a production of Billy Elliott as part of the trip! Optional trip to Harry Potter Studios available!!
Scotland -Examine the aftermath of the country's recent vote to become independent from the United Kingdom. See the Scottish Parliament and world famous Edinburgh Castle. Take a day trip to the Scottish Highlands!

  *Tentative Schedule

Courses Offered
Graduate Courses PADM 6615 Comparative Public Policy
PADM 6830 Reading and Conferences
PADM 6550 Special Topics: Study Abroad
Undergraduate Courses:   
(open to all majors)
POLSC 4460 Special Topics in Public Policy
POLSC 4830 Readings and Conferences
POLSC 4300 Special Topics in World Affairs
UNIV 3500 Interdisciplinary Engagement

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