Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Research

Faculty Mentors

As a general rule, all psychology faculty are open to ideas beyond those listed below. These are provided as a guide only.

  • Steve Barney, Ph.D.
    Expertise: Clinical, Assessment
    Research Interests: clinical assessment, pedagogical assessment, program assessment, PTSD, performance enhancement and wellness
  • Grant Corser, Ph.D.
    Expertise: Emotion
    Research Interests: cognitive consequences of mood and emotion, personality factors affecting the experience of emotion
  • Brad Gregory, Ph.D.
    Expertise: Educational & Cognitive Psychology
    Research Interests: Procrastination; Student beliefs and their impact on classroom behavior; Critical thinking; Elementary teacher retention
  • Britton Mace, Ph.D.
    Expertise: Environmental and Social psychology
    Research Interests: Applied Environmental in Parks and Natural Areas – Soundscapes; Visibility; Transportation issues / design;   Applied Social – Social Power; Bullying
  • David W. Shwalb, Ph.D.
    Expertise: Developmental & Cross-Cultural Psychology
    Research Interests: Family and school influences on child and adolescent development; parenting, fathering; development of respect, disrespect, cooperation, and competition across cultures
  • Garrett Strosser, Ph.D.
    Expertise: Social and Cultural Psychology
    Research Interests: Attitudes towards stigmatized groups, morality, political ideology, biculturalism, cultural norms, pedagogy, and cognition
  • Lynn White, Ph.D.
    Expertise: Health psychology, Physiological psychology
    Research Interests: human lactation, pain, stress-related issues