Southern Utah University’s Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Program (UGRASP) provides funds to support undergraduate research and scholarship activities. Recipients of a grant must present the results of their project (whether complete or not) at the annual Festival of Excellence.

Students receiving a UGRASP Grant agree to:

  • Meet with the SUU Speech and Presentation Center.
  • Present the results of their project during the 2020 SUU Festival of Excellence.
  • Provide UGRASP with a short reflective synopsis of their work.

For more information on the requirements after receiving a UGRASP Grant please email

HSS UGRASP Funding Application Instructions

Humanities and Social Sciences UGRASP funds can be applied for and used to assist with costs associated with undergraduate faculty/student research collaborations.

Eligible Projects

Any faculty/student research collaboration within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is eligible, provided that:

  1. The project makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline;
  2. Students demonstrate at least partial ownership of the project. HSS UGRASP will not provide funding for students to work on a project assigned by a faculty member; and
  3. The project must be presentable in the format accepted by professionals within the discipline in which the student is working.


  • Round 1 – October 14
  • Round 2 – November 30
  • Round 3 – February 15

Award Limit

$500 per project for an individual, up to $1000 for projects with 3 or more students.

Student Eligibility

All SUU undergraduate students who will be enrolled during the project’s timeframe.

Application Process

Applications should be submitted through the form at the bottom of this page.

Complete Applications Must Include:

  1. Summary of the project (not to exceed 250 words).
  2. A project description that does not exceed 2 pages. The project description should include:
    1. an introduction that places the project in the broader context of the discipline and clearly explains the rationale or justification for the project
    2. a clear statement of the goals, objectives, or hypothesis being tested
    3. a concise description of the methodology to be used
    4. a timetable for activities associated with the project
  3. A personal impact statement describing how the student will benefit from the project.
  4. An itemized budget which includes a brief justification.
  5. A letter of support from the faculty mentor that is submitted using the faculty form. Support letters may be brief but should describe the extent of student involvement. Letters are submitted by faculty members, not students. Any questions can be emailed to

    Letters must contain the following statements:
    1. I assume responsibility for all aspects of this project including:
      1. Obtaining any necessary permits or approvals
      2. Ensuring funds are spent and expenses documented in accordance with SUU policies
      3. Ensuring the student presents results at the Festival of Excellence and upon completion provides UGRASP with a project synopsis.

Student UGRASP Application