Graduate Appointments

Note: any errors or typos in your contact information may result in a missed appointment because we will have no way of sending meeting links or written feedback.

Fall 2020 Hours
M  1-3pm; 5-8pm
T  2pm; 5-8pm
W  4-8pm
Th  4-8pm
Fri  2-5pm

All appointments are held online. Follow the steps below to make an appointment. We look forward to working with you!


Use the large, gray scheduler box on the left to book an appointment:

  • Click on the type of session you want, e.g. Grad Student: Online Session.
  • Click “Any available” under Location to see all available session dates/times. Or click on the name of the consultant you want to work with to see only that person’s availability, e.g. GWC: Jackson.
  • From the calendar that appears, click on the date you want and choose from the available times for that date. You may need to click on several days if we’re all booked up on the first day you wanted!
  • After clicking on the time, click Continue to be taken to the booking form.
  • Fill out the booking form that appears and then click the red Complete Appointment button at the bottom of the form.
  • Check your e-mail for a confirmation of your scheduled session date, time, and consultant and further instructions.

Contact us at if you have questions or technical difficulties.


  • Graduate sessions are 50 minutes.
  • Sessions start on the hour.
  • Please send us your paper in advance so that we can have it downloaded and ready to discuss with you when your session begins.