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Fall 2013 Scriblerian Contest

Sponsored by the English Department and the Braithwaite Writing Center, the Scriblerian is a writing contest and on-line journal for students by students. Revived during Fall Semester 2004 after a two-year hiatus, the essay competition is organized each semester by Writing Center tutors for ENGL 1010 and 2010 students. Winning essays are published on-line on the English Department website and past winners were also published in the print textbook SUU Guide to English Composition 2010-2011.

The Fall 2013 Scriblerian Contest was planned and supervised by Chair Emily Moss with the help of John Iler, Jared Vanhille, Zach Allred, and Sydney Roberts. A total of 22 essays were submitted for the contest.

Argumentative 1010

1st Place: "Sexualization of Violence in Comics" by J.S. Wayne—Professor Patricia Eagan

2nd Place: "A Light in the Darkness: Natural Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder" by Amanda Vincent—Professor Dr. Julia Combs

Expressive 1010

1st Place: "What are Fragrance Commercials Really Selling?" by Tiffany Obray—Professor Joy Sterrantino

Argumentative 2010

1st Place: "Closing the Achievement Gap" by Ana Sophia Weaver—Professor Dr. Julia Combs

2nd Place: "Changing Cultural Values as Revealed in Fairy Tales" by Christina Meikle—Professor Charla Strosser

Expressive 2010

1st Place: "Dog Therapy" by Mariesa Miller—Professor Dr. James Aton

2nd Place: "The Place In-between" by Heather Evans—Professor Dr. Julia Combs

Honorable Mention: "Lessons from Soccer" by Brett Baker—Professor Dr. Julia Combs

Congratulations to the Fall 2013 Scriblerian Contest winners and thank you to everyone who submitted essays.