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Spring 2014

Sponsored by the English Department and the Braithwaite Writing Center, the Scriblerian is a writing contest and on-line journal for students by students. Revived during Fall Semester 2004 after a two-year hiatus, the essay competition is organized each semester by Writing Center tutors for ENGL 1010 and 2010 students. Winning essays are published on-line on the English Department website and past winners were also published in the print textbook SUU Guide to English Composition 2010-2011.

The Spring 2014 Scriblerian Contest was planned and supervised by Chair Jared Vanhille with the help of Heather Sundblom, Rebekah Tobler, Hannah Ouderkirk, Diana Reese, Chris Christiansen, John Iler, Emily Holmes, Gardner Stevenett, and Mckay West. A total of 23 essays were submitted for the contest.

Argumentative 1010

1st Place: "College Students and Sleep Deprivation" by Lori Ransom—Professor Joy Sterrantino

2nd Place: "Within the Written Word: The Value of Vampires" by Kaylee Petersen—Professor Joy Sterrantino

Expressive 1010

1st Place: "No Pain, No Gain" by LoraLynn Jones—Professor Dr. Julie Simon

2nd Place: "Home" by Aljosha Speth—Professor Jennifer Sorensen

Argumentative 2010

1st Place: "Deforestation: More Than the Environment" by Lindsey Bracken—Professor Eric Morrow

2nd Place: "Ever Texting Never Moving" by Ashton Jessup—Professor Jennifer Sorensen

Expressive 2010

1st Place: "The Not So Big Game" by Sean Brandenburg—Professor Patricia Eagan

2nd Place: "Owl Land" by Megan Wesko—Professor Dr. James Aton

Congratulations to the Spring 2014 Scriblerian Contest winners and thank you to everyone who submitted essays.