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Jumpstart General Education

What is Jumpstart?

Innovative and Relevant: The Future of General Education

Launched in 2015 with 48 students, Jumpstart is the most engaging, integrated and efficient way to complete your GE requirements. The program allows students to earn all of their general education credits through an integrated curriculum taught by highly qualified professors!

Innovative and Relevant.
Student at Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Our National Parks

Photography, political science, astronomy, biology and more are used to explore the natural world in an unprecedented way. If you like to be outside and among the prettiest places in America, this Jumpstart is for you.


  • Ericka Christensen
  • Merrill Funk
  • Rheana Gardner
  • Kelly Goonan
  • Bill Heyborne
  • Jennifer Sorensen
  • Rhett Zollinger
Students looking at the Hollywood Sign

Pop Culture

All your GE courses combined together to illustrate the power of perspective in storytelling. This is a perfect fit for students who love watching movies, TV, plays, and exploring how these works of art are created.


  • Jeb Branin
  • Karl Jarvis
  • Michelle Orihel
  • Cameron Pace
  • Kevin Stein
  • Joy Sterrantino
Bikes resting on a rock

Mini Jumpstart for Nursing

More information coming soon.

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