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Mon-Fri 1-3pm

All your GE courses combine together to illustrate the power of perspective in storytelling. This is a perfect fit for students who love watching movies, TV, plays, and exploring how these works of art are created.

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Academic Year Total: 33 credits

Fall Schedule

ENGL 1010 Introduction to Academic Writing 3 cr
BIOL 1010 Introduction to Biology 3 cr
PHYS 1010 Elementary Physics 3 cr
PHYS 1015 Elementary Physics Lab 1 cr
COMM 1310 Thinking and Listening Critically 3 cr
MATH   Based on Major 4 cr

Semester Total: 17 Credits

Spring Schedule

ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing 3 cr
COMM 2010 Media and Society 3 cr
HIST 1700 Cultural Anthropology 3 cr
THEA 1013 Introduction to Theatre 3 cr
UNIV 3500 Interdisciplinary Engagement 1 cr
UNIV 1020 Strategies for Success 2 cr
LM 1010 Information Literacy 1 cr

Semester Total: 16 Credits