Jumpstart GE

World Arts & Sciences: Italy, Austria, Germany

An Austrian town.

Mon-Fri 2:30-5:00pm

16 weeks in beautiful Southern Utah, 7 weeks in beautiful Europe! If you have an interest in different cultures and places, science, and world arts, Jumpstart International is for you!

**Students must live in on-campus housing or additional fees will apply.**

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Academic Year Total: 32 credits

Fall Schedule

ENGL 1010 Introduction to Academic Writing 3 cr
GEO 1030 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Natural Hazards 3 cr
POLS 1100 American National Government 3 cr
UNIV 3500 Interdisciplinary Engagement 1 cr
SUU 1000 Becoming an Engaged Learner 2 cr
MATH   Based on Major 4 cr

Semester Total: 16 Credits

Spring Schedule

ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing 3 cr
MUSC 1010 Introduction to Music 3 cr
HU 1010 Introduction to Humanities 3 cr
BIOL 1010 Introduction to Biology 3 cr
PSY 1010 General Psychology 3 cr
LM 1010 Information Literacy 1 cr

Semester Total: 16 Credits