Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance Courses & Descriptions

Required Courses: (18 credits)

Course ID Title Description Credits
KIN 6000 Foundations of Sport Conditioning Online course covering the physiological mechanisms and adaptations facilitating optimal sport and exercise performance, history of physical conditioning, and basic principles of exercise program design. (Online-Fall) 3
KIN 6010 Advanced Techniques of Sport Conditioning Intensive course detailing techniques for conditioning athletes of various ages and training backgrounds.  (Online and on campus lab-Summer) 3
KIN 6040 Designing Resistance Training Programs Online course detailing the steps to designing a safe and effective resistance training program.  The course covers the latest research advances in prescribing resistance exercise as well as sport-specific training. (Online-Spring) 3


Resistance Training Technique Intensive training course designed to assist coaches in developing the ability to teach proper resistance training technique including advanced teaching skills for exercise such as the squat, power clean, and deadlift.   (Online and on campus lab-Summer) 3
KIN 6060 Evaluation in Sport Fitness Intensive training course covering sport specific fitness testing for components such as speed, power, strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and functional movement.   (Online and on campus lab-Summer) 3
KIN 6080 Introduction to Sport Science Research and Statistics Online graduate course covering research methodologies and statistical techniques in the sport sciences.  This course will assist coaches in reading and critiquing research and designing their own. Prerequisite:  12 hours completed in MSSCP program (Online-Fall/Spring) 3

Elective Courses: (12 credits)

Course ID Title Description Credits
KIN 6020 Special Topics and Issues Online course designed to introduce the students to the historical and philosophical foundations of physical education and athletics and, thus, assist them in developing their own personal philosophy of physical education.  Discussion of various professional issues, goals, and principles of physical education is an important part of this course. Topics will vary each year. 3
KIN 6030 Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Online course designed to address recent advances in athletic training and sport medicine. Injury prevention techniques and strategies will be discussed.      
KIN 6070 Psychological Aspects of Sport Performance and Conditioning Online course addressing the latest advances in exercise and sport psychology including motivation, concentration, overcoming mental fatigue, and stress-management for athletes. (Online-Fall) 3
KIN 6090 Motor Skill Acquisition An online course examining the internal processes associated with practice or experience leading to relatively permanent changes in the capability for motor skill.
KIN 6100 Bioenergetics and Sport Nutrition Online course addressing advanced nutrition strategies for fostering optimal training and performance.  Issues such as re covering, lean body mass development, fat loss, and energy production are discussed. (Online-Spring) 3

Thesis    (3 Credits)

Course ID Title Description Credits
KIN 6933 Thesis Student develops and defends a Master's of Sport Conditioning/Performance thesis (3 credit hours initial semester).  MSSCP candidates must be continuously enrolled in at least 1 credit hour of KIN 6933 until their Thesis is completed.  Prerequisites:  KIN 6080 and approval of Graduate Advisor)To be taken last semester.  (P/F)  (Online-Fall, Spring)  3
    *Students will be required to retake KIN 6933 (3 credits) if continuous enrollment (1 credit) is not maintained until completion of thesis.
**Continuous enrollment does not include May or Summer semesters