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For Utah residents looking to explore a career, increase earning potential or return to work, Southern Utah University is offering two new no-cost Workplace Ready career pathway programs. Both programs lead learners into one of two high-demand career pathways: tourism and hospitality or computer technology.

Start Exploring a New Career Today in Four Steps:

This course is delivered in a podcast-like format with 10 Utah professionals being interviewed to help you develop skills and confidence to succeed in the workplace. Each episode is about 35 minutes long and focuses on one professional skill. You’ll have a short assignment to complete after each interview. This course is self-paced and must be completed by June 30, 2023.
Take three foundational short courses to dive deeper into your new career. Each course will take 10 hours to complete and you’ll earn digital credentials that can be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile and added to your resume. These courses are self-paced  and must be completed before June 30, 2023.
In a six-week certificate course, you’ll learn about specific job opportunities in tourism and hospitality or cybersecurity. Your course will take 20-30 hours to complete and includes discussions with industry professionals, reflections, assignments, personal professional goal setting and skills assessment. The certificate course is taught by an instructor and will have assignment deadlines. 
By completing the T-bird 10 Pro Skills Podcast, short courses, and certificate, you’ll receive a free ticket to an industry conference. At the conference, you’ll engage in additional learning and have the opportunity to network with industry professionals. You will also have the option to be paired with a mentor working in a field you are interested in. This is a great opportunity to develop a new reference to include on your resume.

Tourism & Hospitality Career Pathway

Get started with the foundations of this thriving industry by earning the Workplace Ready digital badge, teaching 10 professional development skills, and the Foundational Skills digital badge led by industry employers and experts.

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Computer Technology
Career Pathway

Launch your tech career in Utah by earning the Workplace Ready digital badge, teaching 10 professional skills, and the Foundational Skills digital badge led by industry employers and experts and the Amazon Web Services Academy Cloud Foundations Certificate.

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Become an Industry Partner

The Workplace Ready program is designed to assist entry-level, unemployed or underemployed individuals while meeting the emergent needs of employers in Utah in the tourism and hospitality and computer technology industries. If you are a professional working in either of these industries, we need your help to mentor students. You’ll be expected to spend four to five hours with your mentee exploring possible careers and setting goals.

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