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Cyber Security Fundamentals

Woman logging into a VPN on a laptop

This course serves as a wide, but fairly shallow overview of many aspects of information assurance and cyber security. Students are introduced to the management, technical and administrative aspects of cyber security. Students will also have the opportunity to perform research and analyze case studies. This course includes several hands-on projects that will reinforce the core concepts.

The Cyber Security Fundamentals certificate began January 11, 2021. Registration is now closed.

Cyber Security Fundamentals Course Work

This certificate program includes exams, quizzes, hands-on labs and written reports.

Courses required to earn this certificate:

  1. Fundamentals of Security
  2. Case Study Research Project
  3. Hands-on Project

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • Recognize potential threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability of information
  • Define information security and assurance terminology and basics of security technologies including cryptography, authentication, access control, network, application and physical security
  • Demonstrate risk management and the use of security policy
  • Perform basic hardening techniques on various operating systems
  • Discuss incident response and disaster recovery plans
  • Discuss the legal, regulatory and ethical dimensions of information assurance and security

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