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The Leavitt Center helps to provide the means for students to become informed citizens by sponsoring debates, lectures, symposiums, panel discussions, and essay contests that address major civic issues. These programs foster citizenship awareness and promote informed participation.

Political Resources

Citizenship is about knowing where to find information as much as it is about knowledge.

This collection of political resources provides students with the means to learn about and contact elected officials, access government resources such as documents and department websites, and peruse a variety of media contacts.


Keeping up-to-date with published information is an essential part of being an informed citizen.

Research articles in Partnership with Leavitt Partners

The Center is committed to helping students address real world problems through partnerships with various think tanks.  Below are some of the articles published with help from Center students.

Chronic Diseases- March 2012

The Center Times - Leavitt Center Newsletter

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Essay Contests

As part of promoting the practice of informed citizenship, the Leavitt Center offers essay contests for high school and college students.

Search for other such contests at the English Department.

Voter Registration

Voting is one of the key responsibilities of citizens. Visit the Leavitt Center to register to vote and to help promote voter registration.