Leavitt Center

Student Involvement

The Leavitt Center is comprised of four different levels of involvement. The top of the pyramid is the Executive Director who oversees the functions of the center. The next level is the Leadership Team, made up of the Student Director, Marketing Director, and Internship Coordinator. Following them is the Executive Council, comprised of ten student members. The fourth level houses the Fellows, a group of twenty students who pair up and work with an Executive Council member.

To get involved, students can apply in the spring for the following year's team. If the deadline has passed, it is suggested that students sign up for weekly emails, attend events, and get to know those in the Leavitt Center. There is always turnover within the center as some students go on trips, serve an internship, or leave school. 

To sign up for the email list, please contact the Leavitt Center or stop by in person.

Executive Council members at freshmen orientationExecutive Council & Fellows

The Leavitt Center is a student-led organization that focuses on leadership, citizenship, service, and research within the SUU and local communities. The center is divided into committees, comprised of one Executive Council member and two Fellows. These committees are in charge of events, outreach, projects, and any other activity that comes through the center.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team, aside from their individual duties, each specify in a pillar of the center. The Executive Council is also divided into the four pillars, giving each student a focus on maintaining the core values of the center.