Leavitt Center

Sadie Sanchez, Intern Testimonial

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
-  Oprah Winfrey

I can honestly say that since I have been out here on this internship, I have been living my dreams. Having studied political science prior to coming out here, it is incredible to be able to apply what I learned in my classroom to the real world of politics. 

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work in Senator Hatch’s Washington D.C. office. Because of his prestige in the Senate, being as “Hatchling” as we call it, has its perks. I have been able to attend several events as well as meet a variety of individuals of high esteem. Within the month that I have been here I have met senators from several different states, Rex Tillerson, and Elaine Chao. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Dog the Bounty Hunter have even made their way through our office.

One of the most memorable things I have done in my time here was attending the Presidential Inauguration. I was fortunate enough to get a personal invitation to the inauguration and watch history be made. There were a plethora of emotions surrounding the incoming Trump administration and to be able to witness this occasion in person was unimaginable. Though, I must say, a bit nerve racking. Because of how highly controversial Donald Trump has been, the outcome of the inauguration was uncertain. There were violent protestors not too far from where I was. Luckily, everything went well!

A work day as a Senate intern is very exciting, especially with the chaos surrounding the incoming presidency. There are currently six interns working in Senator Hatch’s office. Every day we are required to fulfill our “basic intern duties” which entails constituent correspondence, archiving, front desk, and tours of the Capitol. In addition to that, each of us are also assigned to a legislative team. I work both with Senator Hatch’s Education staffers as well as his press team. As a press intern, your tasks are very important. Every day I put together a compilation of news clips (Hatch News) that either mention the Senator or are directly about him, and send them out to his entire staff. This is to ensure that everyone in the office is up to date on any statements Hatch may have made as well as the positive/ negative press surrounding him and his work. The amount of news clips that I produce on any given day range from 5-75, dependent of course on how heavy the press is. After completing that, I print out the Senator his own copy of Hatch News so that he too is aware of what major news sources are saying in response to his actions. Senator Hatch’s copy is essentially a condensed version of what I send out to the rest of the staff. I find this assignment to be rather exciting seeing as I have discretion over what the Senator sits down to read on a day to day basis. Website maintenance is also a significant part of being a press intern. Any time a press release, op-ed, or video comes out, my job is to put it up on the website. This is my favorite task just because everyone who has checked out hatch.senate.gov recently can see what I’ve done. I have also had the opportunity to attend a couple of private interviews with the Senator himself!

As far as my role on his education team, a great deal of what I do is research for staffers. So far, I have done in-depth research projects on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), land grant status, schools on Native American territory, and the recent Supreme Court case regarding The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Endrew v. Douglas County. I have accumulated an abundance of knowledge in a short period of time by working on these projects.  Recently, I was also able to attend the confirmation of Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos. This was the first time in history that the Vice President was called upon to make the final decision, seeing as the Democrats and Republicans were evenly split.  Additionally, I schedule all of the Education staff’s meetings and have the opportunity to attend, should my schedule allow.

I am having a marvelous time out here in D.C. and I’m enthused to see what is to come in the next three months of my internship!

-Sadie Sanchez