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Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian interns obtain practical experience and carry out projects that help them to develop personally and professionally, learning from Smithsonian leaders, scientists, curators and staff who are experts in their fields. Fellowships at the Smithsonian Institution provide opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral students to pursue independent research while working with Smithsonian scholars and collections.

Scholars and students with outside funding sources are also welcome to explore the Smithsonian's resources and facilities. The Office of Fellowships and Internships can facilitate visiting appointments in such cases provided that the investigator obtains approval from the staff member with whom he/she would consult.

The Institution offers in-residence appointments for research and study. These appointments enable qualified persons to make use of Smithsonian resources in pursuing studies related to the programs and collections of the Institution and its staff. Appointments vary in duration, and many carry financial support.

Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study is published to provide information about the Smithsonian Institution's fellowship and internship programs, and to provide visiting scholars, scientists, and students with an overview of the Smithsonian's diverse research resources including staff, collections, and reference materials.

Sections of Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study provide:

  • Details about the purpose, research fields, eligibility requirements, duration of appointment, and application procedures and deadlines for each type of opportunity offered throughout the Institution.
  • Descriptions of the Museums, Research Institutes, and Offices of the Smithsonian and the research interests of the professional staff.
  • Information about the Institution's research support units available for consultation and use by visiting scholars, scientists and students.

Further information about the programs described in may be obtained by contacting the Office of Fellowships and Internships.