Legal Office 

Record Request

The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) allows the public easy access to unrestricted public records. More information regarding Utah GRAMA Laws can be found in Utah Code Chapter 63G-2. If you would like to access records maintained by Southern Utah University, please fill out the GRAMA Request form, and email it to our GRAMA officer at
Please forward any and all requests for public records to the SUU Legal Office via email at
Students are generally entitles to view and obtain copies of her/his academic record through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The process for obtaining records can be found at the following website:
Employees are generally entitled to view and obtain copies of her/his personnel file. Please contact your supervisor or Human Resources at 435-865-8572. For employees of Southern Utah University, please contact Human Resources at 435-865-8320, located in Room 106 of the Bennion Building.
It is sometimes unclear how long one must store records, and what can be deleted or thrown away. Routine University retention and destruction practices should be followed unless a litigation hold applies to the records in question. If a litigation hold is in place, you will be notified of the hold and receive instructions from the Office of General Counsel. For more information, please see Policy 5.53
If you receive a subpoena, it should be forwarded to the Office of General Counsel. Subpoenas impose deadlines for compliance and so it is important to get subpoenas to the appropriate University office as soon as possible.
Do not accept it. The only authorized agent for service of a summons and complaint against Southern Utah University is the President of the University. No one else should accept service on behalf of SUU.