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Ongoing information about outreach events in the library, both in-person and virtual. Our events are always free and open to everyone, whether student, faculty, staff, community member, or visitor.

Fall 2021 events

Banned Books: What they are and why they matter

Join us for a discussion of Banned Books in celebration of Banned Books week! We'll have controversial and banned books available for check-out in the Library lobby.

When: 2:00pm - 3:00pm, September 27
Where: Zoom

Library news

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Calling all T-Birds!

Did you know the Sherratt Library has  free textbooks available to check out?

Come check out the T-Bird Texts program! We have textbooks that you'll need for General Education courses. Ask for them at the Questions Desk on the first floor of the Library.

Have an idea?

Have an idea for a future outreach event that you'd like to see at the Sherratt Library? Contact us!

Christopher Clark
Outreach and Engagement Librarian
(435) 586-7952

Past Sherratt Library events

Explore past outreach events
Spring 2021

Feb 9 @ 1:00pm - The Library Presents... Eleanor Goldfield -- A discussion with artist and activist Eleanor Goldfield.

February 12 @ 2:00pm - The Library Presents... Ed Finn -- A discussion with the director of the Center for Science and the Imagination.

March 8 @ 2:00pm - The Library Presents... Farel Dalyrymple -- A discussion with underground comics sensation Farel Dalrymple.

March 12 @ 11:00am - Information Wellness Panel -- A panel on wellness and information behaviors.

March 18 @ 10:00am - The Library Presents... Christopher Golden-- A discussion with  New York Times bestselling novelist and comic book writer Christopher Golden.

March 22 @ 2:00pm - The Library Presents... All of Them Witches/E3W Productions-- A discussion with  an LA-based immersive theater troupe of artists, podcasters, and producers of augmented reality narrative.

March 30 @ 4:00pm - Multimedia Art Panel -- A panel celebrating various forms of art being practiced on campus.

April 9 @ 3:00pm - The Library Presents... Wi-Moto Niyoka -- A discussion with transmedia artist and playwright Wi-Moto Niyoka.

April 9 @ 4:00pm - The Library Presents... Disasterpeace -- A discussion with film composer Disasterpeace.

Fall 2020

Sep. 14 @ 2:00pm - Meet Your Librarian -- This will be a chance for our librarians to get into breakout rooms and meet with students in their liaison discipline, answer questions, and give information.

Sep. 25 @ 3:00pm - The Library Presents...Paul Sutter -- Our first discussion will be with Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist and host of one of the most popular science podcasts in the world. Video

Sep. 29 @ 4:00pm - The Library Presents...Cory Doctorow -- Our next discussion will be with the author Cory Doctorow, futurist, author of  Little Brother, and copyright/information activist. He is perfect for libraries, and we get to talk to him right before the release of his next book. Video

Oct. 7 @ 4:00pm -- Poets Outside the Lines -- We will be joined by our very own John Belk and Sarah Bates to celebrate the releases of their books of poetry. They will do readings from their work and answer questions.  Video

Oct. 15 @ 2:00pm -- The Library Presents...Denali Nalamalapu -- We will be discussing climate change, activism, and how we can move toward a more sustainable future with activist and organizer Denali Nalamalapu.

Oct. 15 -- Special Collections Celebrates Prof. Jim Aton -- Watch the special collections celebration video for influential SUU professor Jim Aton, and the presentation of a first edition of Hemingway's  A Sun Also RIses.  Video

Oct. 27 @7:00pm - Haunted Images Halloween: Remote Viewing Edition -- This year's Halloween event will feature a lecture from Dr. Kyle Bishop and a livestream of the Romero classic Night of the Living Dead. There will also be spooky story readings from multiple authors across the country leading up to the event. It will be a mixture of asynchronous recorded readings and synchronous live readings. Video

Oct. 29 @11:30am - Brian Evenson @ APEX -- This APEX event is one we are working with Lynn on, featuring LA-based horror writer Brian Evenson (a recent Shirley Jackson Award winner) 

Nov. 4 @ 3:00pm-- The Library Presents...Nathan Ballingrud -- Nathan is the author of two collections, one of which is being turned into a Hulu series out in October. Video

Nov. 11 @3:00pm-4:30pm-- Beyond Dragons -- I will be doing a Zoom presentation for students on how to run a successful tabletop roleplaying game, and how it ties in to student skills like improving note taking, building confidence, and sharing community. 

Nov. 18 @12:00pm-4:00pm-- Research and Rescue -- We will be holding a Research and Rescue session with breakout rooms so that students who are working on their research projects and essays can get targeted help.